Friend of nature, welcome to you !

The 1001 Tree Roots Museum is delighted to welcome you in a unique setting dedicated to Nature and the Woods.

The vaccination certificate is not required at the entrance of the museum

 The artist and his Work 


The masterpieces on display are from a one and only artist, Michel MAURICE (1937-2014), who, for 57 years, patientlty unveiled roots in the forests of his dear mountains of the Vosges (in the Lorraine region) and carved them into figures and animals, flowers and fairy and particular sceneries.


Yet, he did not carve them bluntly : he preferred being inspired by the natural shape of the root in order to enhance its beauty and ignite a spark of life in it.

The site


The museum, which is run by a non-profit organisation, is well-known in the village of Cornimont. Its premises have been transferred to a former fabric factory to welcome its visitors comfortably. The museum has an access for disabled visitors who want to enjoy the museum.


A car park and coach park are available nearby. You cannot miss the museum, at the croassroads

Planning your visit


During school holidays, the museum is open everyday except on Tuesdays.


During off-season periods, it remains open daily every afternoon, and during weekends, it is open all day long.


For more details, you can refer to the opening hours available on our website.



 5 € per adult


2, 50 € per child aged 10 to 16


 Admission is free for children under 10


 For groups (15 people at least), the ticket is 2, 50 € per person


Thank you for reading us ! We’re looking forward to discovering your smile !

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Commentaires: 3
  • #3

    ENNESSER Danielle (mercredi, 20 octobre 2021)

    Une pépite hélas peu connue. Dommage car ce sont
    de véritables oeuvres d'art. J'ai moi aussi ADORÉ.

  • #2

    Alain MARTIN (dimanche, 21 avril 2019 18:53)

    J'ai eu l'occasion de visiter le musée à son emplacement initial et j'ai aussi eu le plaisir de pouvoir discuter avec Monsieur Michel Maurice qui était un artiste et qui avait une belle vision des choses.
    Nous avons adoré !

  • #1

    Brume (samedi, 25 août 2018 18:07)

    Formidable ! un musée qui est un voyage dans l'imaginaire et la poésie. Dommage qu'il soit peu connu et si mal indiqué sur la route notamment. Il mérite une place importante dans l'attrait touristique de cette jolie région vosgienne. Bravo, j'espère que nous allons pouvoir venir admirer encore longtemps ces merveilles.